Bookmark Monday (II): DragonCon Freebies

With nearly a year gone by since my last Bookmark Monday post (way to stick new habits, self), I thought I would share the freebies I brought back from DragonCon.  Bookmarks are a great way to spread the word about yourself at a con, especially one for sci-fi & fantasy readers!

Bookmarks & Con Badge
Pretty Souvenirs!

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Bookmark Monday (I): Nature Memories

I write so much about what I’m currently reading that I thought I’d try something a little different with this post & show off some bookmarks from my collection.  I found the idea over on Guiltless Reading, who has some cool posts showing off different book marks & where to purchase them.  I can’t really remember who made mine but I can tell you a cool fact or two about them!  Yay, sharing!

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