One of Those Morose Days

Hello readers, whoever may stumble across this post.  I'm writing today, because I've been quiet lately & I'm dealing with a lot of life right now, but part of me thinks I should just sit down & type out some words.  Don't know really what you're gonna get with this post, except maybe a little… Continue reading One of Those Morose Days


Midweek Time-killer

Ugh, you guys...this really is one of my lesser posts. I had blogging on my to-do list today & I'm feeling a little bounce in my step due to getting some of items checked off, so here we are. The husband & I have been packing & slowly filling out rooms with boxes & boxes,… Continue reading Midweek Time-killer


The Power of Guilt Compels You (To Blog)!

Just a quick blog--I'm fighting through a draft & I need to feel like I'm accomplishing something.  Typing random strings of swear words at the bottom of the piece isn't helping. I write a lot about books & reading.  This particular essay I'm working on is just another example of my obsession.  I'm using my… Continue reading The Power of Guilt Compels You (To Blog)!

Food, Thoughts

The Food Critic’s Wife

I keep bouncing this idea for a story around in my head: one about the relationship between an English professor and his lower class wife.  He is cultured, published in academic journals & attending fêtes where he & his colleagues discuss the latest encroachment of new media studies on "traditional" literature courses.  She is mostly… Continue reading The Food Critic’s Wife