October Wishlist

Fall is coming, signaling the death & transformation of life.  I've been thinking about the esoteric ideas I've read that talk about the shorter days of the year & the ending cycle of the moon as times of letting go & releasing energy.  I've always thought of this wording as inherently passive, that "letting go"… Continue reading October Wishlist


Visualization Time

Seasons change; focus changes. With spring's arrival, there has been a lot of shifts and opportunities coming, not just for me but for many people that I know. One thing that has been coming to the forefront of my mind is my writing. I'm no longer as content to sit & let myself while away… Continue reading Visualization Time

Audiophilia, Thoughts

Monday Music: “Flametop Green”

Hey there everyone, it's late on a Monday & I want to put something up on the blog, but I'm tired & facing a basket of laundry.  So, I thought I'd share a nice calming song as the day winds down.  I've mentioned this one before, but here's the song itself.  Consider it my long-distance… Continue reading Monday Music: “Flametop Green”