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Nostalgia Porn of the 90s, part 2

Maybe I noticed this because I think that everyone else lives in their memories of the 90s, like me.  But I came across this book cover & I get the nagging feeling that the cover artist watched a lot of The Pretender.  Because this certainly looks like Ryan Merriman, who played Young Jared.  Or some scary VR replica.  Brrr, the uncanny valley is unforgiving.



Signs of Fall

  1. the sun burning defiantly, though briefly, at sunset
  2. longing for soft fringy scarves
  3. squirrels set loose on the roof at early morning
  4. the growing music of tracks through the leaves
  5. shuffle-songs in the key of boots, heavy shoes, & skidding leaves on concrete
  6. flannel robes taking up residence on the bed
  7. cat taking up residence on top of robes on the bed
  8. L.L. Bean shirts suddenly attractive & necessary
  9. forgetting to make timely hair appointments, hoping the months’ growth will cover my neck
  10. the physical struggle to move, to stretch into the cold world
  11. leaving the house in the dark & returning home in the dark
  12. mourning for the missing light
  13. religiously taking vitamins & supplements to counteract the mope
  14. becoming transfixed & powerless by the smallest grimy surface or untidy pile of clothes
  15. just staring & thinking its too hard; its all too much to deal with
  16. forcing my legs to uncurl & walk, forcing my eyes onto the next project
  17. countless glasses of water to stave off the craving for alcohol’s easy warmth
  18. turning my face into my hair to catch the small of smoke
  19. watching rain puddles become fine glass in the cold dusk
  20. dreaming of fish floating deep beneath pond ice
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Nostalgia Plus Hormones

Equals compulsively buying stuffed tigers.

Have you seen my friend Calvin?

Please don’t tell me this isn’t Hobbes the Tiger.  I was shopping for a baby shower and the hormones were running so high, that I took one look at our tiger here and immediately put him in the cart.

I thought, I don’t have kids.  But I will one day!  Because I either want to relive my childhood by proxy or I want psychotic, hyperactive kids.

I need to go cry now.