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Nostalgia Porn of the 90s, part 2

Maybe I noticed this because I think that everyone else lives in their memories of the 90s, like me.  But I came across this book cover & I get the nagging feeling that the cover artist watched a lot of The Pretender.  Because this certainly looks like Ryan Merriman, who played Young Jared.  Or some… Continue reading Nostalgia Porn of the 90s, part 2

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Nostalgia Plus Hormones

Equals compulsively buying stuffed tigers. Please don't tell me this isn't Hobbes the Tiger.  I was shopping for a baby shower and the hormones were running so high, that I took one look at our tiger here and immediately put him in the cart. I thought, I don't have kids.  But I will one day! … Continue reading Nostalgia Plus Hormones