New New New!

Guess what I’m reading now!

I've been waiting all May for this
I’ve been waiting all May for this. . .

I am sooooo ready.  Can’t write any more; if you need me I’ll be reading!


Seeing the World In Code

So as I mentioned a few posts back, I’ve made my way through the online lessons at Codecademy, brushing up on my HTML & CSS skills.  As I was working through the last third of the ‘Make An Interactive Website’ course, there were a few beginning lessons on how to use JavaScript and jQuery.  These programs focused on how to handle user-end actions like clicking or pressing a key on the keyboard.  As I worked through the practice lessons, I was often reminded of Ellen Ullman’s novel The Bug, which is also about programming code.

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Time For a Make-over?

I just updated the “Current Work” page, which I’m a little embarrassed to admit I hadn’t kept up-to-date since October of last year. I’ve added about 8 new reviews that I’ve published since then. I’ve been a little better on my account, which has most everything through December.

What I’m struggling with now, however, is editing down my portfolio so it shows off the best of what I’ve done so far. The “Current Work” page has become an index of all my writing so far. Whereas my page has everything going back at least a year. I worry that as I apply for freelance jobs that I’m overwhelming potential editors/employers with too much material to look through. I’ll be scouting other portfolios & seeing what others are doing. But, if a curious reader happens to stop by, feel free to check out the various links & email me with suggestions.


New and Notable

I’ve added a new review to the “Current Work” page for my review of Ludmilla Petrushevskaya’s There Once Lived a Girl Who Seduced Her Sister’s Husband and He Hanged Himself.  Also, Kurt & I had a restaurant review run on Thursday at for a New Mexican restaurant in Manassas called Mateo’s.  You can find it link at my account, linked in the sidebar.

Also, Kurt & I have started a new food blog called Lox and Mayonnaise!  That may mean that the page here called “For Looks & Good Taste” may be going away since I started it to write about my food adventures.  We’ll see how it goes.  In the meantime, I’ll be started the “I Can’t Quit You” series of CD reviews again, in trying to keep myself on track & finish the writing work I’ve started.