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Off the Shelf: Sorry To Disrupt the Peace

A mini-review of _Sorry To Disrupt the Peace_ by Patty Yumi Cottrell


20 April 2011

(MRS) Personal Notes of Mina Bayless You are already ashes.  The whole way here I thought about facing your corpse, mauled, bitten, permanently still.  All the nights on the train when I couldn't sleep, I watched the people around me resting.  I thought I could never again mistake the deepest sleep for death: the pulse… Continue reading 20 April 2011


19 April 2011

(MRS) Personal Notes of Mina Bayless “There are things you can’t unknow.”  You used to tell me something similar, as did the elders of the church.  You can’t remove what you put into your mind--my childhood catechism.  I used to think those words were unique, a special lesson from you.  Until I read The Road.… Continue reading 19 April 2011