Invisible Boys

My first imaginary friend was a boy named Brett.  He was supposed to be my brother, but because I had a new baby sister & I didn't want to make it seem like I didn't want her around, he became my boyfriend.  Because what else was a boy supposed to be in relation to me… Continue reading Invisible Boys


Portrait In Collection II

Mistaken Names I have Been Called By Customers*† *All "customers" & their calls have been fictionalized for the purpose of this story. Kim (From Kimberly, originally male usage, meaning "king's meadow") - Sometimes my customers call me Kim, mistaking me for my co-worker who also handles the incoming calls—even though we both recite our names… Continue reading Portrait In Collection II

Books, Thoughts

“Dream A Little Dream. . .”

One of my reading goals this year is to read Neil Gaiman's series The Sandman.  I determined to get past Preludes and Nocturnes, which disturbed me years ago & scared me off.  The following is a simple explanation why. . . What I'm about to say will open me up to mockery, I'm sure, but… Continue reading “Dream A Little Dream. . .”