Bookmark Mondays (VII): Handmades

Sometimes, there are bookmarks that just look cool because someone put a little thought & creativity into making them. This week, a few handmade bookmarks from my collection:   The cross-stitched French horn on the left was a gift from an internet friend way back in the day who knew I was in band in… Continue reading Bookmark Mondays (VII): Handmades


A Recent Exchange

So I recently sat down & wrote something I'm calling The Sad Essay.  It was one of those intense focused writing sessions that feels like the definition of controlled chaos.  In general, it was a nonfiction piece about some deep personal stuff that I won't be sharing here.  But after it was pieced together &… Continue reading A Recent Exchange


Visualization Time

Seasons change; focus changes. With spring's arrival, there has been a lot of shifts and opportunities coming, not just for me but for many people that I know. One thing that has been coming to the forefront of my mind is my writing. I'm no longer as content to sit & let myself while away… Continue reading Visualization Time