Off the Shelf: Library Wars: Love & War, issue #9

A mini-review of Library Wars, issue #9


Accumulating Digital Baggage

But don't offer me a place out in cyberspace/Cuz where in the hell's that at? --Billy Bragg   I got a Google+ invite the other day from my best friend.  I have been curious about this so-called better social network, mainly because Neil Gaiman posted some frustrated thoughts on his experience with it.  Now that… Continue reading Accumulating Digital Baggage

Books, Thoughts

Book Dork: Confession & Penance

First off, I would like to go on record as saying I tried.  I had every intention of keeping to my no new books resolution.  Even when I accidentally purchased a book within a few months of making my promise.  But, my will is weak so here's my confession--I've bought books.  Gasp! So, I recently… Continue reading Book Dork: Confession & Penance