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Off the Shelf: Paperbacks From Hell

A mini-review of Grady Hendrix's _Paperbacks From Hell_

Books, Thoughts

Nostalgia Porn of the 90s, part 2

Maybe I noticed this because I think that everyone else lives in their memories of the 90s, like me.  But I came across this book cover & I get the nagging feeling that the cover artist watched a lot of The Pretender.  Because this certainly looks like Ryan Merriman, who played Young Jared.  Or some… Continue reading Nostalgia Porn of the 90s, part 2


My Eclipse Song

Everyone else is listening to Total Eclipse of the Heart today, but I've got another one for you.  What about some amazingly anachronistic synth-driven ballad-hybridized music from Alan Parsons for a movie about a medieval knight & his lady & their true love? That's right, the soundtrack to the one & only LadyHawke!  Enjoy it… Continue reading My Eclipse Song