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What Is Even Happening?

So, if there's one thing I love, it's stories popping up on network TV about being obsessed with a fantasy series.  I'm not even talking about "nerd culture" shows like The Big Bang Theory; I'm talking about characters like AF Gordon Theodore in Party Down & the Skyfire Cycle books in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  When Terry… Continue reading What Is Even Happening?


Underworld Sabbatical: Scrap 3

Ok, so the last time I posted about my mockumentary Underworld Sabbatical, the post was a timeline that focused on the horror/thriller movies that made Thornton Infernal a star.  Which is sort of an interesting exercise, partially because when I first came up with it, this was a way to visualize a lot of stuff… Continue reading Underworld Sabbatical: Scrap 3


Underworld Sabbatical: Scrap 2

So, here I am with another couple of notes from my unfinished mash-up satire of B-movies & soap operas: Underworld Sabbatical.  I did mean to update the blog with more posts around Halloween but I have so many old Post-its, memos, & half-written scraps that I had to sit & organize them in some sort… Continue reading Underworld Sabbatical: Scrap 2


Underworld Sabbatical: Scrap 1

An explanation: I'm currently going through a bunch of old papers & I came across this abandoned set of notes for "Underworld Sabbatical," a mockumentary that combined my love of daytime soaps & B-movies. I never actually wrote out a full treatment, because the idea was really just an excuse to create these characters &… Continue reading Underworld Sabbatical: Scrap 1