Underworld Sabbatical: Scrap 1

An explanation: I'm currently going through a bunch of old papers & I came across this abandoned set of notes for "Underworld Sabbatical," a mockumentary that combined my love of daytime soaps & B-movies. I never actually wrote out a full treatment, because the idea was really just an excuse to create these characters &… Continue reading Underworld Sabbatical: Scrap 1


Bookmark Mondays (VII): Handmades

Sometimes, there are bookmarks that just look cool because someone put a little thought & creativity into making them. This week, a few handmade bookmarks from my collection:   The cross-stitched French horn on the left was a gift from an internet friend way back in the day who knew I was in band in… Continue reading Bookmark Mondays (VII): Handmades


Bookmark Monday (VI): Vacation Memories

The smallest things can be souvenirs, as everyone knows.  A stone or a pressed leaf or a picture or a handmade craft.  Bookmarks count too, I think, so here are two that might qualify: Being the book people that we are, Kurt & I had to stop at the Chincoteague Library while we explored the… Continue reading Bookmark Monday (VI): Vacation Memories