Bookmark Monday (II): DragonCon Freebies

With nearly a year gone by since my last Bookmark Monday post (way to stick new habits, self), I thought I would share the freebies I brought back from DragonCon.  Bookmarks are a great way to spread the word about yourself at a con, especially one for sci-fi & fantasy readers!

Bookmarks & Con Badge
Pretty Souvenirs!

For example, the black & white bookmark at the bottom is for a multi-hyphenate artist by the name of Laura Tempest Zakroff.  The bookmark gives her plenty of space to show off her art & her many websites.

Art Bookmark by Laura Temptest Zakroff (Owlkeyme Arts)
Art Bookmark by Laura Tempest Zakroff (Owlkeyme Arts)

I also picked up two bookmarks from author Janny Wurts, who was 100% the reason I even braved the Con crowds & the Atlanta traffic.  She was giving out bookmarks to talk up the upcoming release of her newest book, Destiny’s Conflict.  I scored the Alithiel & Rose one I’ve been coveting at her online store.

Souvenir Bookmarks from Janny Wurts
Souvenir Bookmarks designed by Janny Wurts (

Aaaaand, the one for Destiny’s Conflict has the illustration for the cover.  Squueeeeeee!  (I mean, my digital image kinda messes it up, but it makes me super excited!)

Detail Drawing by Janny Wurts
Detail Cover Drawing by Janny Wurts (

I’m thinking of also doing a post just showing off the business cards I picked up at the artists’ booths.  A lot of them are designed so well that even if I couldn’t afford anything by them, I just as happy to have a tiny piece of their work at home.  Even my husband, who suffers from a lack of whimsy, had to admit that fantasy & sci-fi artists seem to have a lot more fun than traditional artists.

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