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FCBD 2017 Recap

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Hobbes has been stealing my comics again because its that’s time of year–Free Comic Book Day.  (I know, I know, it was actually on the 6th, I’ve been busy.)  & because Hobbes has to learn that he can’t hog the comics for himself, I thought I’d share my finds.  NPR has their own complete list here if you’re curious.

Free Comics:

  • The Incal by Alejandro Jodorowsky & Moebius: I was really really looking forward to this small introduction to the larger project that Jodorowsky & Moebius started as a result of their failed Dune script.  First Impressions: sprawling & clearly influential in many different regards.  Something like The Fifth Element loses its luster when you see the panels of Incal, like it’s a retelling of a story that someone better had told.  (Also, this thin little comic smells like book glue & nice paper.  Bibliophile joy!)
  • World’s Greatest Cartoonists collected by Fantagraphics: A collection of short comics created by artists published by Fantagraphics.  I’ll admit I picked this up because I thought Liz Suburbia was going to be in it.  First Impressions: kinds weird & cool & opaque, like looking through a sketchbook shared by an artists’ co-op.  Also, apparently this is the issue where the meme frog Pepe dies, which I didn’t really register because I am unhip & unaware in the Internetwebz.
  • Hostage/Poppies of Iraq collected by Drawn & Quarterly: another one I picked up because I’ve read other artists that D&Q have published.  First Impressions: both stories are teasers for atmospheric, nonfiction graphic novels looking at people in conflict zones. An evocative reminder that nonfiction comics can be great too.
  • Lady Mechanika by Joe Benitez: So these next three comics I picked up as my junky reads to go with my serious cred reads.  First Impressions: Boobs, steampunk guns & sass–that is all you need know.  I was surprised to see that apparently this comic has been around longer than something, like, Monstress.  Despite their similarities, I like Monstress better though.
  • Betty & Veronica by Adam Hughes: Confession time–I do not get Archie Comics.  My brain cannot track the appeal.  But since they are super-popular now, with the teen show & everything, I thought I’d try this intro to see if I’d like it.  First Impressions:  Nope, still not getting it.  …….the art’s nice though……
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken by David & Scott Tipton: You guys, you GUYS!  Buff Star Trek!  With everyone looking like they are posing for a ludicrous 1950s pulp novel.  How could I not pick this up?!  First Impressions: Gloriously brainless.  I didn’t even bother reading any of the text, just looking at the melodramatic action in the panels was enough.  Like watching a soap opera on mute–so good!

And because one should always be a good customer & buy something to show your local comic shop that you really do appreciate them, I bought 2 volumes of Saga by Brain K Vaughn & the first collection of something called Revival.  The flavor text on the back called it a country noir but with zombies & since I couldn’t picture The Walking Dead added to something like Winter’s Bone, I asked the guy behind the counter.  He said the horror is more existential-like, more like everyone’s whose come back is sad & not murder-y, so I thought I could give it a try.  I’ll let you know what I think.

Happy Belated Free Comic Book Day, everyone!