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Off the Shelf: Will Save the Galaxy for Food

Will Save the Galaxy for FoodWill Save the Galaxy for Food by Yahtzee Croshaw

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An action-y, sci-fi satire that follows a hapless space pilot whose been monetarily persuaded into impersonating an infamous writer for a spoiled brat’s birthday. Said pilot’s get-rich-quick scheme quickly spirals out-of-control as plenty of characters with personal grudges come out of the woodwork to settle their grievances with the newly-located “writer”.

Pros: a tighter narrative feel than Croshaw’s earlier works, a demented family-road-trip theme that recalls Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby, fun with pulpy genre tropes, good world-building (w. deconstruction of said world-building), & a strong satisfying ending.

Cons: the same three females that are in everything done by Croshaw (the Shrew, the Idealist, the Romantic), a setup telegraphed from a mile away, missing the high-stakes horror of the mundane that Croshaw excels at, leaning so hard on the story’s verbal equivalent to “psycho bitch” that it starts to get uncomfortable.

In short, entertaining if you’re a fan (I read this in one night) but not the place to start if you’re new to Croshaw’s stuff–that would be Jam.

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