Bookmark Monday (I): Nature Memories

I write so much about what I’m currently reading that I thought I’d try something a little different with this post & show off some bookmarks from my collection.  I found the idea over on Guiltless Reading, who has some cool posts showing off different book marks & where to purchase them.  I can’t really remember who made mine but I can tell you a cool fact or two about them!  Yay, sharing!

Pressed Between the Pages

Since fall is in the air, here are bookmarks that remind me of the past season.  I loved pressed flowers but have never really mastered the skill of creating delicate, vibrant blossoms.  So, I’m a sucker for anything with dried blooms that looks great.  This bookmark is only one of a couple that I picked up at my local dollar store years ago; I also have a few that display dwarf roses.  Made from recycled paper, laminate, & with a raffia ribbon, this simple place marker makes me feel Romantic.


Passion of the Mind

Another bookmark I picked up years ago at my local Borders because it reminded me of Victorian paper cards.  The delicate blue threads are a nice stylistic contrast to the cloth-encased cardboard & the bright dragonflies catch the eye.  I usually save this one to put in books like Jane Eyre or collections by the Rossettis.  (Does anyone else have bookmarks they only save for certain books?)


Butterfly Resting

Speaking of certain markers for certain books, this final one is a crook made of metal with weighty butterfly on the end.  As a result, it ends up slipping out of most paperbacks & is really only for making the rare hardback I read look pretty.  A stocking stuffer from my mom who knows that book-related gifts are always welcome.

Guiltless Reading