Béla Fleck, y’all

Béla Fleck & his banjos

Guys, I’m really tired today–in a good way, but I’m still gonna keep it short.  My husband surprised me Wednesday by saying he’d like us to celebrate our wedding anniversary early & to go see Béla Fleck & the Flecktones play in Richmond.  So we snagged some tickets & headed into the city to Maymont, this large park & garden that was once an estate.  It was a fantastic day–the endless rain had finally broken but it wasn’t stiflingly hot.  We got seats 3 rows away from the stage & saw the guys jam out in an amazing & joyful way.

2016-06-02 20.53.23 HDR-2
The Flecktones at Maymont

They all smiled & kept playing hard, despite any technical difficulties.  The breeze that came with the dusk was cool & sweet & by the time they started playing “The Sinister Minister” I couldn’t help dancing in my chair, grinning like an idiot to my husband.  The stage backlights danced in patterns on the proscenium overhead & I would have loved nothing more than to just lay back & listen.

But of course it was super crowded & then a guy in a beard & a man-bun started a huge dance party up front.  That’s ok–I was there with the man I love, feeling happy that we were together not just at that moment but had been for the past 15 years.

To make up for my lack of words, I’m going to end my post with a link to “Communication,” one of my faves by them.  & then I’m going to go pass out on my bed.