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Off the Shelf: Amor Y Cohetes

Amor y CohetesAmor y Cohetes by Gilbert Hernández

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A truly idiosyncratic book. This volume of interstitial stories from the Love and Rockets series covers everything from slapstick animation, an impressionistic history of Frida Kahlo, a mixed-up stigmatic girl living in a dystopian city, an unseen menace capable of controlling minds, & even the suicide of one of the Hernández brothers. I picked up this volume as a newbie to L&R in general & didn’t want to be caught unawares amid the ongoing Palomar & Locas storylines. Instead, I was treated to oddball characters & weird science fiction that would do any B-movie proud. And I was totally captivated!

I think the mini-series that I enjoyed the most was Errata Stigmata, mainly because I instantly recognized it as an influence on Sacred Heart & the almost A Clockwork Orange-like vibe clicked with me. The stories of Rocky Rhodes (ha ha) was also reminiscent of Ray Bradbury’s habit of de-fantasizing science fiction & making space travel & robots as everyday as cars and TV. The art is fantastic too–there are all sorts of faces, body types, & expressions that just made me stop & stare for minutes at a time. It’s cool, weird, & a sort-of WTF-ness that you have to experience for yourself

Overall, I’m pleased that I started with this collection & am excited to move onto the series proper. Note to other readers: some familiarity with Spanish will be necessary to understand certain one-shots collected here.  But if you don’t it shouldn’t be too much of an impediment.

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