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Off the Shelf: Fight Club 2, issue #9

Fight Club 2 #9Fight Club 2 #9 by Chuck Palahniuk

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Sebastian Narrator is reunited with his family, but not before he gets into a fist fight with his son & wife separately. Dr. Wrong petitions Tyler to possess him & pays dearly. Tyler’s minions blow up the world & those remaining gather in the chateau’s basement, waiting Tyler’s final instructions & to be buried in salt.

As I finished this penultimate issue, I was happy to see that Palahniuk is willing to let his world be just as flawed as Sebastian’s & that our author doesn’t try to make out that he’s some proto-Tyler. In a more interesting moment, Palahniuk & his writer’s group sit around discussing their anxieties & their pills while Sebastian frantically tries to find a way out of Tyler’s endgame. Another nice moment is Sebastian’s & Marla’s prolonged kiss when they are reunited. But, in short, a whole mess of destruction is going down & who knows what the next issue will bring. I’m sure those glowing letters from readers will take on an ironic twist.

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