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Hooray for Free Comic Book Day!

Hobbes & Comics

Hello all!  I hope you enjoyed Free Comic Book day as much as I did.  The husband & I headed to Velocity Comics to check out what they had.  (And thanks to NPR’s handy dandy cheat sheet, I knew what to keep an eye out for. . .)  Boy was it busy, but not only did the guys have plenty of freebies to go around, it was 25% off everything in the store!  Excellent!

So, I snatched up the Love & Rockets sampler first, mainly because I know that series is super popular & well-read, secondly because I have wanted to explore a series that’s held up as a formative work in the genre.  This slim little collection was a fantastic introduction to the main characters & got me checking out what graphic novels my library had by the brothers Hernandez.  Bonus: just as I was thinking to myself how L&R could possibly be an influence on Sacred Heart, I turned the page to find a Liz Suburbia-drawn variant in the back.  Fucking A!

Next, I grabbed Spectrum, a tie-in comic with Alan Tudyk’s web series Con Man, which I just discovered was a thing.  (I’m so uncool. . .)  The series itself is about an actor who was on a cult TV show dealing with his very niche genre-specific fame.  The comic, however, is supposed to be what the cult TV show was.  Yes, it’s all a metaphor for Firefly, don’t be surprised.  But Tudyk is funny, talented & stupid pretty so just go with it.  Plus, the comic opens with someone reading a Dylan Thomas poem–scores points with me.

Which, of course, meant that my last choice of the freebies had to be the Serenity one-shot.  It’s a fairy tale retelling about Wash & Zoe’s relationship & damn if the ending still doesn’t make me tear up all these years later.  (Stop making me cry, Whedon, stop it!!!)

And finally, because it’s always good consumer practice to buy something from a place that’s offering you free stuff, I picked up the first volume of G. Willow Wilson’s Ms. Marvel, which I’m eagerly looking forward too. . . once Hobbes finishes reading it.  Seriously, you don’t take things from a tiger, they have claws.