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Off the Shelf: The Wicked and the Divine, vol. #3

The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 3: Commercial SuicideThe Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 3: Commercial Suicide by Kieron Gillen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A collection of stories that give a little more insight into the Pantheon & slowly develop Anake’s fatal plans for her charges. Readers see Morrigan imprisoned for Baphomet’s carelessness, Woden explaining his part in this whole intrigue, Ameratsu & Cass fight-bonding in Japan & Tara giving her story before killing herself.

Commercial Suicide is much like the interstitial stories from a series like Sandman: the creators get more of a chance to explore their characters & let other artists play with their interpretations. The differing art can be a fun exercise, but also, for me, changes the dynamic of the book. McKelvie’s art for previous stories was specifically locked to the text to reveal twists that had actually been in the background the entire time. These issues with guest artists aren’t as visually dense but can still be interesting takes.

My personal favorites were the stories for Morrigan & Baphomet as well as Ameratsu. Morri & Bap because I love them & Ammy because the artist did a lot of work to convey the different qualities of light & shadow–as befits the goddess of the sun. (Also, the antagonism between Ameratsu & the Norn(s) is great drama.) Tara & Sakhmet’s stories are the weakest but again the respective issue artists do a fantastic job conveying a myriad of emotions with a glimpse or simple gesture from the Pantheon member they’re focused on. Woden’s story is probably the most visually interesting here–unsurprisingly this is one put together by Gillen & McKelvie from assorted previous images of the earlier issues. Other than that, the issue also gives readers a first glimpse into the deeper conspiratorial workings & is packed with clues.

Final takeaway: these one shots will let readers indulge in fanning over their favorite Pantheon member, p.s. the gods were once fans themselves, Anake is playing the really long con aaaaaand give it up for my girl Kore Persephone Hekate back in da hooouuuuusssse! At least I hope so–I have my fingers crossed so hard.

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