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Off the Shelf: Arcadia, issue #2

Arcadia #2Arcadia #2 by Alex Paknadel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Our story picks up with digital Lee & his family getting into all kinds of trouble. His daughter Coral meets Jaime, a young man able to hack & manipulate Arcadia’s code. Lee’s wife Sam finds out that their son Giacomo might be an illegal creation & digital Lee discovers the truth about his analog counterpart. In the meantime, analog Lee has to contend with the politics of being heir apparent to lead operations at the Alaskan server farm & being blackmailed for his illegal communications with his digital daughter.

This issue reveals a little more about the series’ environment, leading me to think that its plot will be a slow burn. I definitely curious about everything that’s happened in the intervening years & how the various factions arose. (But some of the basics still trip me up. Why is there a fish filter? Is this like how fish will seek out warm waters surrounding submerged radioactive machinery?) Sam’s denials about his tampering with her memories are fascinating in a soap opera-y way. His job is to make people forget & how can she say for sure what he may or may not have done to her. Also, how can you be held accountable for something when you are at risk to forget everything? And if Sam is a lawyer, how can the law even apply to things that have been edited out of the code? Some classic sci-fi questions here–nice. I’m eager for some answers. Hopefully this series will keep being interesting.

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