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Off the Shelf: Arcadia, issue #1

Arcadia #1Arcadia #1 by Alex Paknadel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A global epidemic kills off most of the human population & as a radical measure, the world governments scan the minds of the dying & upload them into a digital simulation called Arcadia. Seven years later, the remaining humans are struggling to survive on the remaining resources & the beings in Arcadia are divided on what their existence should amount to. With a footing in each world is Lee. In the analog world, he works at one of the massive Arcadia server farms. In the digital world, he works as a doctor altering people’s memories so their integration into Arcadia will be more seamless. Both are headed toward danger through their own reckless decisions.

An interesting first issue that sets up the rules to this dystopia, but falls flat on the ending. The split between the two Lees are also pretty jarring: the reader meets analog Lee threatening wolves to mano-a-lupin fights in a blizzard & digital Lee trying to be a typical suburban dad despite the surrounding oddness of Arcadia. Pfeiffer’s art is angular & eerie, adding to the atmosphere but he also enjoys reveling in the gorey, yucky reality of being one of “the Meat.” Fingers crossed the story will pick-up because the premise is promising.

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