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Off the Shelf: Fight Club 2, issue #8

Fight Club 2 #8Fight Club 2 #8 by Chuck Palahniuk

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

All forces converge on Tyler’s chalet as the terminally ill kids storm Rize or Die HQ in an attempt to save junior. Marla & Chloe reflect on their broken hearts before committing to their plan and Tyler & Sebastian argue more about the future. But all this drama is moot, because Chuck-Palahniuk-the-in-universe-writer doesn’t know how to resolve his plotline & Junior is channeling some dank memes.

So, the second page of this issue actually got me to like Palahniuk again. Not that I’ve actively been hating him, but in the intervening years between Snuff and now, my interest took a steep nosedive. But to see this fictionalized version of him agonizing over his characters in a critique group & to finally understand that that struggle is the whole point of this sequel–the vulnerability of being a confused fuck-up & the ensuing hijinks that occur as he tries to deal? That’s the same absurd outlook that I loved in Survivor, Diary, and Choke. I’m happy to see it again.

Otherwise, this issue is like watching a child smash all his toys together. There are bleakly amusing moments like the progeria storm troopers getting the drop on the Rize or Die soldiers or Junior screaming breath-taking obscenities at Marla as his inner Tyler comes through. But who knows what will happen next? Mr. Serve-A-Higher-Power-Than-Tyler has shown up & we know Robert Paulson is lumbering around somewhere so plenty of loose cannons can be found at a moment’s notice.

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