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Off the Shelf: Sex Criminals, vol #1

Sex Criminals, Vol. 1: One Weird TrickSex Criminals, Vol. 1: One Weird Trick by Matt Fraction

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Meet Suzie & Jon, two perfectly ordinary people who freeze time when they have sex & rob banks to save their failing local library. Wait, what?

No, seriously–she’s a fun, literate girl who works at the library & is trying to keep it from closing. He’s a curious, quick-witted guy who hates working at the bank that’s foreclosing on Suzie’s branch. They meet at a party, find out that they are crazy-compatible & bizarro hijinks ensue. Reader beware, if you are not into sexually explicit stuff, you won’t make it past the first few pages–not because of any terrible depictions, but because the frank, intelligent approaches to sexuality in this series are not going to go away.

With that said, Suzie & Jon are people with flaws, jobs, dysfunctions, & weird senses of humor like the rest of us. This volume follows their budding relationship & fills in their backstories, giving us a good idea of who we’re hanging out with here. There were lots of satisfying story moments that had me rooting for these two: their first meeting where they bond over Lolita, Suzie’s epic rock-out in a pool hall to Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls, even their texts to one another are charming. While the main premise of the series hinges on the wonderful & weird sex, there’s an equal focus on relationships & how amazing it feels to click with someone.

I also love how Zdarsky draws faces, how each is distinctly memorable but somehow relatable, as if I could meet people like them in everyday life. The background visuals are fun to linger over & are especially key in a world where people can walk through a time-frozen reality. Expressive, yet still silly, Sex Criminals is an offbeat series with a lot of heart.

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