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Off the Shelf: Fight CLub #2, issue 7

Fight Club 2 #7Fight Club 2 #7 by Chuck Palahniuk

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sebastian’s struggle to remain in control continues as Dr. Wrong tries to tell him about earlier times Tyler has been active and Tyler returns to his original mission statement from Fight Club. Marla & Chloe continue to search for Junior through data-mining & eventually find him at Tyler’s secret chalet. The issue is bookended with the reappearance of Robert Paulson & the Write Klub house where Mr. Palahniuk hangs.

Palahniuk gives us a wink & a grin as he acknowledges that ‘fictional characters can survive their readers’. Tyler embraces the ‘ideas breed us’ idea that our author puts forth and returns to his former self as if trying to convince us readers that the old Tyler that they used to know is still around & that we should totally still be with him. But really, from here on out I think we’ll be seeing more meta-fictions & this story will become more about Palahniuk trying to reconcile with his own characters rather than any modern-day updating of Tyler’s philosophy. I wish we had gotten to this point sooner, because this is much more interesting to me–an author struggling with the unintended consequences of his writing & how those reinterpreted ideas have “bred” new perspectives. 3 issues to go; let’s see what happens next, shall we?

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