Off the Shelf: Fight Club #2, issue #5

Fight Club 2 #5Fight Club 2 #5 by Chuck Palahniuk
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sebastian Narrator survives his fight with Angel Face through Tyler’s saving grace. Tyler gets stitched up & flies off to an expensive chalet filled with art & housing Junior, safe & happy to see his possessed father. Sebastian regains control eventually & goes to see Dr. Wrong, who confers with Tyler again & decides the best course of action is to kill off Sebastian. S is chosen for a special task force to deface art through suicide & is shipped off to his objective like a good little space monkey. In the meantime, Marla & her progeria friend have a heart-to-heart where Progeria Girl reveals her condition is a lie & someone with bitch tits shows up to protect the pair from a Rize or Die sniper.

So I said last time that I wouldn’t take FC2 too seriously due to Palahniuk’s hi-jinks last time & that extends this issue to Sebastian’s supposed death. Last issue was supposed to scare us into thinking that S wouldn’t survive his encounter with Angel Face, but as soon as Tyler takes control, he’s up & walking around with little more than a busted brow & a black eye. With all the dreams & hypnotic states that FC2 relies on, who’s to say that the final gory panels aren’t symbolic. Also apparently Robert Paulson has gone from a transparent ghost to a tit-jiggling reality within the space of an issue & Progeria Girl is an inversion of Brandon Whittier from Haunted.

I’m still not sure where this story is headed but at this point I’m more amused than annoyed. I’d really love for Tyler’s equilibrium to be shaken up a little & his nice little plan pulled off-course. There are plenty of little seeds that could come to fruition and do that but I’m not sure which will hit first. But we’re halfway through; readers will know what’s up soon enough.

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