Off the Shelf: Library Wars: Love & War, volume #3

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 03 (Library Wars: Love & War #3)Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 03 by Kiiro Yumi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kasahara & her team meet two ambitious school boys after a prank gone wrong at a censorship rally outside the Kanto Library Base. With guidance from the team, the boys present a lecture opposing censorship at a public forum. The task force’s profile is also raised with the publication of a positive article covering the forum. As a result, Kasahara’s deception to her parents about the real nature of her work is nearly uncovered. The past returns to haunt the present as Kanto Library’s controversial acquisition of the Museum of Information History’s records recall the Hino Nightmare, an armed conflict in the Censorship War that resulted in 12 dead at the defenseless Hino library. A pro-censorship cell kidnaps Kasahara & her general in a desperate bid to get the records back.

As you can see in the summary above, this issue has a lot of action! Tensions between the Library Defense Force & the Media Betterment Committee at a high & minor brawls quickly escalate into armed battles. Earlier in the series, I was curious how bloody things would get & this issue certainly paid off the stakes set up at the beginning. Note to readers, things don’t get over-the-top-gory but these battles certainly depict people getting wounded & killed in the midst of this war.

Even with the action of the story picking up, there is still plenty of relationship drama for those who enjoy following Kasahara’s entanglements. Kasahara’s selectively written postcards to her parents are no defense against ambitious reporter Maki Sekiguchi’s determination to profile the first female member of the Library Task Force. Dojo & Kasahara also have a major falling out when he recommends she be placed on a supposedly less dangerous escort mission in an attempt to keep her from danger. Even though I’m not one who particularly enjoys relationship stories, I’m having fun watching these two bicker, make-up, dance around the truth, & then bicker again. Maybe it’s the style of the manga, but I’m really enjoying the balance of genres here. Onto the next issue!

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