Off the Shelf: Fight Club #2, Issue #1

Fight Club 2 #1Fight Club 2 #1 by Chuck Palahniuk

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Palahniuk’s story picks up 10 years from the ending of his novel. The Narrator, now going by Sebastian, has settled into a conventional married life with Marla & their son ‘Junior’. He goes to a shrink, takes tons of medications & in general wraps himself in a fog of possessions & mind-altering substances just to get by. But not everyone is content to let Sebastian coast through his new life. Marla, bored crazy, has started replacing his pills & Sebastian’s shrink Dr. Wrong has been secretly drawing Tyler out in therapy sessions. Issue #1 ends with Tyler destroying Sebastian’s home, but not before admitting he knew S’s father.

I’ve been looking forward to Fight Club #2 since I received a mini-preview on Free Comic Book Day. Cameron Stewart’s art is well-suited to Palahniuk’s story, not only using the panel style to emphasize Sebastian’s fragmented outlook, but also overlaying solid illustrations over the panels and creating a purposeful collage effect. Story-wise, issue #1 is a good start, demonstrating how Sebastian & Tyler have grown apart & what their separate worlds look like. Not only is Sebastian’s perception jarring, but readers may feel Tyler is somewhat off too. He refers to Marla as “the bitch” despite the Narrator’s admission in the first book that his attraction to Marla is what gave rise to Tyler in the first place. (Or so he thinks. The book Make Something Up: Stories You Can’t Unread gives an entirely different, older, origin story.) Since ideas of Tyler and Fight Club have gone through their own mainstream interpretations, I’m curious to see where Palahniuk takes the idea from here & how the intervening years will have changed things. All in all, a good opener that teases what is to come.

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