Anxiety, Then Joy

Remember, talking about The Thing is not the thing.  Doing The Thing is the thing. —Amy Poehler

Sorry readers, I didn’t get a post up last week because I was on deadline for a freelance piece so I thought I’d talk a little bit about writing it.  The piece itself was just a survey of the local food scene in Fredericksburg, my hometown, for a regional magazine.  Really quick turnaround, partially due to the secondhand nature of how it came to me.  Their usual writer knew my husband & suggested him when she couldn’t do it.  But my husband already writes for food for the area paper so there was a conflict of interest there.  So I took it on, seeing as how I’d been looking for a new assignment & I often accompany Kurt on his food expeditions.  The week before last, as I was planning & putting things together, I started having a series of small freak-outs.  Oh my stars, the deadline is two weeks away.  Oh no, what’s my angle?!  Hell, no one is getting back to me!  What do I doooooo?!

But, step-by-step, I made myself solve the problem & just write the thing!  I talked out logistics with my husband, who suggested a few other people to contact.  I put aside research days, where I could not only collect info but meet people face-to-face to plan interviews.  Those interviews got scheduled and by last Tuesday, I was really getting excited for the assignment.  I drove into town early that morning, ready to take on my busy itinerary of photo shots and one-on-ones with my contacts.  The day was packed, but I felt productive and happy, confident I was working toward something I would be proud of.  When I got home that night & started putting together my draft, I remembered Amy Poehler’s quote from her book Yes, Please and thought, She was right.  Doing The Thing is the thing and the moment of finding your stride is exhilarating.

I submitted the words & photos last week, right on deadline, so I’m looking forward to the feedback and seeing it published.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a freelance assignment and I’m totally up for more.  I’ll post a link when the issue goes up!