Archiving CAN Be Fun

So a few months ago, I wrote about my digital portfolio & how I had to rethink how I had organized it after some of the older links went dead.  One of the changes I was considering was scanning my actual clippings into PDFs.  Since it was a rainy day here today & because it’s been on my to-do list for months, I finally got all of the pages together & took them to my local library to scan.  And do you know what, getting them all digitized was actually fun.

I mentioned in the other post that just thinking about scanning 80-some reviews was tiring.  But altogether, the whole process took 30 minutes.  But the fun part was going back through and remembering the books I had loved and communicating that to other readers.  I also felt a comforting sense of satisfaction in the amount of work that the physical clippings actually represented.  I did all this, I thought to myself, and most times it was great.  I don’t have to start over with each writing gig; I have plenty of momentum behind me.

The next step is looking over what I have and seeing what I want to add or change to my digital clippings account.  Then, I’m planning on writing an informal artist’s statement for myself to help me focus on what writing gigs I want to take on.  I also thinking of taking something I’ve already written and editing it in Chicago style, as well as the two I already know, MLA and AP, as a sort of mental exercise.  Future plans aside, looking back at what I’ve done has rekindled my ambitions.