Idle Thoughts on Fantasy/Sci-Fi

A few of my latest mini-reviews focus on the fantasy & sci-fi genres.  These books have newly affirmed my love of the genre, inspiring the following wistful thoughts.

First, Janny Wurts’s Stormwarden has me considering rereading the Wars of Light and Shadow series again–especially as we devoted readers of the books countdown the days to the newest installment.  I’ve read the first four of the series (paperback numbering) a few times & I’ve picked through the the others, looking for clues & double-checking my memory of events as each latest entry comes out.  But I’ve haven’t taken on the series proper in it’s entirety for some time.

There are some sections that will test me once again: the Maze of Kewar, Arithon’s capture by the necromancers (which I barely got through ONCE), Morriel & Lirenda & Seldie’s venomous relationship.  But Wurts herself has hinted that as she wraps up the books, previously buried clues will come to light with each new novel.  I think I’ll try to get through my current spate of books before trying though; I have so much to read right now!

Second, how awesome would it be to have a job reading a large series & compiling everything about it?  There’s a part of me that completely loves cataloging and ordering information–which is why I currently work in a library–and that same part daydreams about how I could turn that drive into a job.  I know, I know, there are plenty of fan sites & wikias that would love to have my spirit.  But the world has jaded me just enough that I’d like to have a paycheck for my efforts.  I think the best I could hope for would be co-author of a companion book (are those even published anymore?) or research assistant to an author.

Finally, to scratch my world-building itch, I’ve been remembering one of my favorite assignments from high school sociology: building an entire society from the ground up.  I might just take the time this weekend to make an outline or two & play with some ideas.  Or. just play a lot of Myst.