Considering Cosplay

I recently went to an awesome event at Richmond’s Poe Museum.  It was a celebration of Vincent Price’s Poe movies & I had so much fun, I wrote about it.  One of the sponsors who attended, that I didn’t get a chance to mention, was RavenCon, Richmond’s very own Sci-Fi & Fantasy con that’s getting ready to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

They had a table with brochures & I took one of their programs from the previous year to check out what they were like.  After having a fantastic time at the first Escapist Expo a few years before, I’ve been toying with the idea of checking out other cons.  RavenCon’s 2014 program certainly had a lot of fun panels listed.  There was a futurist lecture, panels on writing & publishing & of course, lots & lots of love for genre & genre fusion.

So, not only am I considering going, but I want to attempt to cosplay too.  Having recently started to appreciate needlework & fashion statements, cosplaying seems like a natural next step for me.  I have to concede though that my approach is more “pull a bunch of stuff together & see what happens” than “deadly perfect accuracy in every detail.”

The idea I have for My First Cosplay, as a result, is a little on the easy side, probably not as cool or recognizable as other characters.  I wanted to use some assets I already have in my favor, like my long hair and the fact that I can play the fiddle.  So the first character that jumped to mind was Stefan from Anne Rice’s Violin.  Very 90s, I know, but considering Rice’s status in the Goth canon & the fact that RavenCon nods to Poe’s influence, I figured it might be a good fit.

I have two visual references to draw from.  First, Stefan is supposed to be this dusty Romantic figure prowling the streets of New Orleans: black boots, black jeans, large white peasant shirt–utilitarian but classic.  I’m thinking Acadie-era Daniel Lanois, partially because I have been listening to him a lot lately.  But also because it captures the idea of ambiguously European musician lost in a Southern city that never gave up some of those Old World customs.

Back cover image from Daniel Lanois’ Acadie

But, Stefan the character is meant to be dark–like all Goth characters–black hair, black eyes, pale skin.  While I can put on enough makeup to look as undead as the next corpse, I’m fairer-haired with blue eyes.  & honestly, I don’t want to dye my hair for a cosplay that will last a day or two.  I’m leaning toward modelling my look off of Dürer’s self-portrait.  My color is closer & my hair naturally does the wavy triangle that Dürer captures.  The fact that the portrait is from the 1500s lends that timeless “intense artist” air that I think Stefan would embody.

There are still a number of things I would have to figure out if I decide to go & cosplay.  (For example, what to do with my girlish attributes?  Do I really want to tie them down?  I’ve spent a few hours in a corset & it is not fun for the casual costumer.)  I will admit though, I have been secretly compiling some songs that I think Stefan would play.  I kinda think I could pull My First Cosplay off.