Our Story So Far

Another long stretch between posts, dear readers.  A lot has happened in the past few weeks & I’ll bring you up to speed now.  When I got back from my trip to Charleston, SC, I felt reinvigorated.  The workload at my day job had taken a lot out of me over the summer–I didn’t realize how much until I loosened up & began enjoying on our trip.  When I came back to Virginia, I started over in a lot of different areas.  I started focusing more on personal goals, like teaching myself to code, on writing (even if it was just journaling), and on my job search.  And, guess what.  I FINALLY found a new job!

The library near my house posted a part-time position working in circulation & I applied for it, thinking I didn’t really have a chance, like a lot of other library jobs I had posted for.  I have plenty of clerical & customer service experience, but I haven’t worked with books, in a library or retail setting, in a very long time.  But, the job was just next door, I wanted to work in a field that interested me, and the part-time aspect promised a much-needed break from my packed schedule.  After a few weeks of interviews, state application red-tape, and phone calls that thinly veiled my excitement, I got the job!

With the change in location and schedule, I’m hoping that this change is one step further down the path to a creative life that Kurt & I began when we moved down here.  I now have the time to pursue my freelance writing and practice the artistic skills I treated as a hobby.  Instead, I have the chance to see if I can make a living out of them.  My family, friends and former co-workers have been very kind & supportive, so I’m sort of floating on a karma cloud at the moment.  But it’s up to me to test myself & see what I can do.  I’m excited and nervous at the same time!