Summer’s End

The past few weeks have kept me busy & I haven’t posted in a while.  So, just a few quick updates while I plan for a better, more substantial post.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Just back from a trip to Charleston, SC. We traveled by train, which was a first for me.  Husband & I spent a week in the Holy City, eating amazing food & spending quality time with friends.  You can find a few pics over on my Flickr page.  We also wandered around with a travel guidebook that pointed out literary landmarks around the city.  Since we got back, I’ve been thinking about putting together a Google Map showing the different places I’ve gone on literary pilgrimage, as well as a few bookstores I’ve found along the way.  I’m still compiling my list, but as I was getting some ideas down last night, I was surprised at how many places I came up with.  I’ve got some work ahead of me.

Rainbow Row

Maps are awesome fun!

You guys, seriously, maps are fantastic!  I have a small map of Virginia up in my study showing all the places I’ve traveled to in the state.  I picked this habit up from my friend Justin who has a map up no matter where he lives.  Often, I’ll just find myself staring at my map on my wall, sometimes tracing routes with my fingers.  I really couldn’t tell you why, but there’s something equaling calming and exciting about contemplating distance and destination.  (I feel the same about train timetables, which I kept reading while we were in Charleston.)  So, while I work on my literary destinations map, I updated some of my Flickr photos so they’re linked to their proper places.  You can find the map option under the “…” menu at my Flickr page.  Check it out!

Coding Lessons

I signed up for lessons at codecademy recently & have worked my way through the curriculum.  I’m hoping to build on the new media skills I already have & so far, the lessons have kept me interested and challenged.  Right now I’m doing the JavaScript part, which is hard!  But I thought I’d include a few shots of the test site I did for the HTML/CSS lessons.  At the end, the program encourages you to add your own content to the elements you’ve just learned.  I apparently was feeling very 90s & made the travel-themed site into a full-on Alfred Molina fangasm.  Where’s Geocities when you need them?  Wait, I’m learning to code. . . I can bring it back!

Travel by train through Ashland town!
Travel by train through Ashland town!
Pictures courtesy of a Google image search
Pictures courtesy of a Google image search
These are really only funny if you've seen the movies.
These are really only funny if you’ve seen the movies.  Even then, not that funny.

Now That I’ve Creeped You Out & You Need Something Else To Read. . .

Will Harris’s interview with Alfred Molina on AV Club!  No, seriously, go check out my friend Bobby’s new blog, Terribly Fun Films.  He’ll be putting reviews and write-ups of his favorite bad movies–something he started earlier this year doing over at another site.  Bobby always finds these amazingly insane & fun movies to watch & I miss his annual Bad Movie Parties.  Start reading & see if you get ideas for your own Z-movie extravaganza.

More posts soon, patient readers!