Style Section: Unrepentant Geraldines

I’ve had Tori Amos’ Unrepentant Geraldines in pretty steady rotation since it came out in May.  Because I’m a big fangirl, I won’t blather on about how much I love it, how the songs are a return to her accessible-yet-atmospheric style or how much “Oysters” brings me to tears ever time I hear it.  Ahem.

Instead, I wanted to talk a bit about Ms. Amos’ style in the liner pictures, specifically the outfit she wears on the cover:

Cover from Tori Amos’ Tumblr

When I first picked up the CD, I was struck by this simple chic look for a number of reasons.  The jean shirt and black jeans are utilitarian yet graceful and works as a shorthand for Amos’ back-to-basics approach on this album.  I don’t know about you, but I felt a small pang of relief–finally, a break from the doll-like looks that had begun with Strange Little Girls.

But the other association that came to mind was the classic look of a white t-shirt and blue jeans–an outfit that fashion journalist Nina Garcia has described as quintessentially youthful and American.  Amos’ outfit is a contrast that suggest maturity but the same enduring appeal.  A perfect look to express her interest in creating songs for women of different ages.

I was so taken with how much the clothing was saying I decided to recreate it for myself.  A sort of everyday cosplay, if you will.  I went thrifting and found what I was looking for.

Get the look!
Get the look!

I also went through my accessories and picked out a few earrings.  Blue, of course, to match the theme of the CD.  The other outfits in the booklet feature jewel toned heels with a metallic texture to give some variety to the style.  So I pulled out my pair of sapphire-colored Madden Girl pumps.

Don't forget the accessories!
Don’t forget the accessories!

I don’t know if I could bring myself to put up a picture of me wearing this, mainly because I’m not looking for the attention (which is why I would not be a good cosplayer in real life).  But the next time I wear this out in public, I can smile, sharing a secret with myself that I’m playing a part and wearing my thoughts about this CD as a public mask.