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Off the Shelf: The Black Unicorn

Black UnicornBlack Unicorn by Tanith Lee

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A quick, enjoyable tale. Tanaquil is the sensible, insightful yet completely non-magical daughter of the sorceress Jaive. Ignored & lonely for company or purpose, mechanical-minded Tanaquil finds a skeleton in the desert surrounding her mother’s fortress and reassembles it. By doing so, she inadvertently resurrects a bold, untameable unicorn. Tied to the beast’s fate, Tanaquil follows it to an exotic city that holds the key to secrets in her own past.

Published in the early 90s, this story is worth rediscovering by readers. Tanaquil’s relationship with her mother and sister are given particular focus. This story would fare well if it were adapted for film, especially given the success of movies like Brave & Frozen.

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