Country Mouse Living

Not much to this post–thought I’d put something up to stay in the habit.  The weather here is still variable as Virginia moves uncertainly from winter to spring.  Today, we’ve gotten about 5 inches of snow despite yesterday’s temperature getting as high as 63ºF.  I’ve spent a lot of the day lying around, listening to Welcome to Night Vale & watching the snow come down.

Last week marked out first month in our new place.  I’ve been slowly re-ordering rooms–nesting, I guess.  This past weekend, one of my projects was putting our DVDs back into my own personal associative order.  The picture below looks like a lot of product but is nothing compared to some of my friends.

organize, Organize, ORGANIZE!!
organize, Organize, ORGANIZE!!

I’ve wanted to blog about my DVD collection before & how I order it.  But, other than once again invoking Rob Gordon from High Fidelity & then presenting my list & its logic, I can’t really think of a way it might be interesting to anyone other than other cinephiles.  Don’t get me wrong, I think collections are incredible symbols of self-expression, but their detail don’t easily lend to general conversation.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was thinking about overhauling my portfolio.  The work has been slow going.  I’ve pared down my book reviews over on my clippings page & made sure the list at my “Current Work” tab here is complete.  Most recently, I’ve gotten all of my published pics over on my Flickr, as you can see from the sidebar.  I’m going to try & get a few links up over there as well before I pare down that section of my portfolio.  The effort is time-consuming & can easily bury the creative spirit.

But, my husband ended up reminding me yesterday of an important creative aspect.  I asked him to take a picture of me for my LinkedIn profile.  I got myself all dolled up & set up the camera for him.  He then spent the next 7 minutes shooting me from different angles, trying to get me to laugh by doing ridiculous prima donna photographer things.  I’m not going to say that all of the pictures turned out great–some of them looked downright derpy.  (EDIT: Because I was laughing or trying not to with a straight face, not because of any lack of technical skill on his part.)  But the best part of those minutes was him having fun & trying to get me to play with him despite the “serious portrait” goal.  To quote Richard Linklater, “having fun is always cool.”

Well, that’s the latest here.  I’m off to finish a bunch of other writing.  Or at least watch the snow a bit more.