In the Interim

Happy New Year, everyone!  It has been awhile since we last spoke.  I hope you’ll be forgiving, since many of us had the holiday season and/or seasonal affectedness to deal with.  (You remember, I’ve written about it before.)  Since I usually blog about the things I’ve been obsessed with in the interim to justify the wasted time let you know what’s been distracting me, let’s stick with the morbid winter theme, shall we?  Cue “Silver and Cold.”

First, I have recently discovered Team Four Star’s YouTube channel & been obsessively going through their playlists.  Team Four Star is a group of guys who do redubbed fan parodies of animes, Dragonball Z Abridged being their most well-known project.  I know very very little about anime, but seriously guys, their stuff is hi-la-rious.  The first video of theirs I watched was Attack On Titan Abridged.  (Do not click link if you are squeamish–Mom, this means you.)  Within 5 minutes, I was laughing so hard I started hitting my desk (at home) & crying.  The animes the guys pick are weird & a little gross, but the dark humor of their writing underscores just how absurd the original material is.  They also do a lot of Let’s Plays of horror games which are pretty great too.  Explore at your leisure.

Second, my friend Justin converted me into a religious listener of
Welcome to Night Vale, a serial podcast about a small desert town where all conspiracy theories are true.  The podcast itself is the community news radio reporting on all events going on within town limits.  If you enjoy The Twilight Zone, the works of Stephen King, the “This Day In Ragnarok” sections of John Hodgman’s That Is All or Twin Peaks, you will love this podcast.  For the most part, you can start listening now or you could start from the beginning.  Each episode is only 20 to 25 minutes long so it’s not hard to catch up quickly.  NPR even spotlighted them last summer, so please, won’t you join the rest of us obsessives?

Official Night Vale poster from

Third, rounding out my latest macabre distractions, I’ve played a lot of Yahtzee Croshaw’s beta of his latest game in development, The Consuming Shadow.  The game is another Lovecraftian work with a shaky paranormal investigator investigating Elder Gods invading Earth.  CS is a return to form for Mr. Croshaw, who does horror, tension, and unsettling environments well.  The best features are the sound design, the levels where you are chased by unbeatable monsters & the way the reality of the game bends as the investigator loses his sanity.  If you’re curious, the beta is free for download in the link above.

So, readers, all for now.  With the new year begun & the darkest part of the season mostly behind us, I’ll have a more chipper post up soon.