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I’m working on my next “I Can’t Quit You” post, but haven’t had time to sit & finish it off right for the blog.  So, a quick teaser post for it.  (Also, I can’t seem to find a way to fit this thought into the rest of the write-up.)

When I was a teenager & music was much more of a refuge for me than it is now, I would sometimes include video game music in my mental soundtrack.  This is not so strange now, where video games (& their sound design) are much more prominent in our popular culture.  With the availability of most anything on the Internet, the idea of loading up on theme songs or game level tracks into a player isn’t that special as, say, owning a Myst soundtrack or playing the songs from The 7th Guest in your CD player & hoping the data CD wouldn’t glitch once was.

So, with that said, there’s some personal context for why the opening track of Eliza Carthy’s Angels & Cigarettes teases my musical taste buds.  The song “Whispers of Summer” fits with a certain mental playlist that starts with the “Suburban Museum” track from the game NiGHTS Into Dreams and continues on to include Vanessa Mae’s “Bach Street Prelude.”

All three are upbeat tunes played with a fiddle (or a sound that supposed to pass as a fiddle) that are meant evoke a bustling environment or joyous busy movement.  All three sound like something I’d listen to as I traveled somewhere, just enjoying the trip & seeing daily life unfolding around me.  All three fit the kind of image that is on the cover of Angels & Cigarettes–a secret little whimsical place buried in a city shining in the fading afternoon sunlight.  Sadly, the charm of the opening track was not enough to make me stay and explore. . .

Cover of Angels & Cigarettes from Spotify

Stay tuned for the full post!