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A Bluestocking’s Work is Never Done

This summer, I had planned to read many different annotated works, novels like Pale Fire, Barney’s Version, and House of Leaves.  I felt a bit inspired by finishing Dorothy Sayer’s translation/annotation of The Divine Comedy and wanted to browse many other annotated works to see how you could play with the form.

But, I think I’m going to put that off for a little while.  I’m reviewing the new Jo Nesbø books coming out this year & I’ve decided to reread the entire series.  I have an ARC of the first Harry Hole book, The Bat, & with the second, sixth, and tenth novels also coming out this year, my completist streak is screaming for order.  I also plan on taking notes, since there are plenty of clues, themes and situations that play out over the course of the Harry Hole series & I can now track them in order.  Maybe actually doing a little annotation work on my own will lead me back to my original summer reading plans.

So, Harry Hole fans, watch this space, because I’m going to attempt similar write-ups like the ones I did for Nancy Drew.  Although, with fewer books in the series, I’m determined to complete these writeups.