Mad About the Boy

Dear Reader, what follows is a particularly indulgent, mushy post about my husband.  Hopefully, you’ll forgive the indulgence and wait patiently for my next, less silly post.

My husband Kurt has been obsessed with Downton Abbey lately.  I think it’s rather endearing for my sporty Old Spice to get caught up in a British period drama, even if I think that Gosford Park was a better, more economical telling of the same story.

I do have to admit, though, that I’ve watched some of the episodes with Kurt & I think that Anna & John Bates’s story is the heart of the show.  Whatever I may think of the different plots or contrivances that play out, I do always want to know what’s going on with those two.  & because there is an age difference, like us, we tease each other about being counterparts to John & Anna.

So what I am about to post now is one of the most unabashedly girly things I’ve done on this blog.  For all the times I’ve mocked Kurt about liking DA, here is proof that I like it more than I’ll admit.  Found on YouTube, a montage of John & Anna clips. . . set to the music of Lifehouse.