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Ink On the Tablecloth: Small Temptations

Some people dream about eating puffer fish, a poisonous seafood delicacy.  Some people dream about eating peaches because their diabetes prevents them from enjoying their syrupy sweetness.  Some might even wonder what that first apple must have tasted like when Eve bit into it.  I dream about eating flowers.

Granted, this fantasy is a bit tamer than the ones I mentioned before.  I imagine chewing on a few chrysanthemum blossoms won’t kill me or cause me to be banished from paradise.  But the little things we deny ourselves often make our curious impulses that much more irresistible.  There had been a few times when I see an unusually colored rose & a quiet thought in the back of my mind says, “I wonder what that tastes like.”  Perhaps the wish to eat such a flower goes back to the memory of drinking the nectar of honeysuckles in the summer.

The truth is that like puffer fish, peaches and other fruits of knowledge, I could indulge in my curiosity if I wanted.  This is the essence of temptation.  I was in a fancy chocolatier’s store in Richmond once and on the top counter, there was a small display of candied violets and rose petals.  I reached for them, but inexplicably pulled my hand back.

Maybe it was the insect lollipops next to them that surprised me.  Maybe a basic biological instinct to not eat atypical plants kicked in.  Or maybe, in this fast-paced world of convenience and satisfaction guaranteed, I don’t want to lose the allure of my little fantasy.

So for now, I pass the opportunity by and imagine how perfectly strange a rose would taste.