Convo With My Husband

Also know as “Book Dork and Tennis Man Try to Understand One Another.”  The following just happened.  (Apologies to those readers who don’t play video games.)

Book Dork (me): (clicks over to an open tab) This is what David Hayter looks like.
Tennis Man (my husband): Oh.  (pause)  That’s all?
Book Dork: Excuse me?!
Tennis Man: He looks like a nerd boy.
Book Dork: He does not!  As if that’s even a problem.  I’m sorry, do you know who you’re married to?
Tennis Man: You talk about him so much–I was just expecting him to look like a super hero.
Book Dork: HE IS A SUPER HERO!  He’s Solid SNAKE!
Tennis Man: Ok.  Can I go now?