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Book Dork: Let’s Spend Friday Night At the Library!

October–fall is finally here.  Night have gotten colder and shorter.  Pumpkin spice magically appears in every hot beverage.  Best of all, my local library holds their biannual library sale!  On a Friday night!  When normal people are out with friends (or frienemies) and doing adult things like drinking alcohol & making regrettable choices!

I’m sure, dear reader, that my excitement over the book sale may not mean much to you.  But I confess yet again that I’m addicted to books.  If you doubt me, type “books” in the search box of this blog.  For me, a library book sale is the equivalent of a heroin junkie going to Amsterdam for vacation–lots of quality product & a clean needle exchange program means incentives all the way!

While I don’t have much more to say in this post (other than OMGBOOOOOKS!), I did want to mention that I have a bit of a different game plan this year.  Other than throwing myself front-first onto a pile of books and risking paper cuts in awkward places.  I’m planning on doing All Hallow’s Read this year, so I’ll be on the lookout for some proper gifties for friends.  Won’t you also consider celebrating the season by supporting your local book place and giving the gift of words?  Join the rest of us book dorks at the library on a Friday night.


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