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My husband gives me books the way other romantic people give their partners flowers.  About every other week I come home to new books.  Sometimes there’s just one.  Sometimes there’s as many as three or four.  As you can imagine, my bookcases have been filled, reorganized and double-shelved a few times.  The other day, he brought me these:

Lovely lovely books

The first two books from the Complete World Knowledge trilogy by John Hodgman.  They’re now sitting on my desk at work so I can feel superior to my customers when they become incomprehensible with anger.  The two books also keep my copies of Nancy Drew’s Guide to Life and Phillip Marlowe’s Guide to Life company.  (These other two are like the angel and the devil on my shoulders.)

This gift also proves how tolerant and loving my husband is toward his geek wife.  When he notices me suddenly mentioning Mr. Hodgman’s podcast repeatedly or giggling over a maniac over the scenes in “I Keep Taking Baths Like Lady MacBeth,” he doesn’t roll his eyes.  He heads over to the nearest book store & picks up the best books to match my interest of the moment.  My husband is the best. . . and he’s all mine!

Also, if you are not listening to Judge John Hodgman, there is no joy in your life.  As the (Hodg)man himself says, that is all.


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