Bright Eyes, Busy Weeks

For the past few years, I’ve noticed that I have a quick window of time at the beginning of each season.  My typical anxiety & general brain fuzz lifts and I’m surprisingly productive.  Since I find myself right in the middle of one of those windows, I figure I better put up a post while I still can.

The past two weeks have been a series of conclusions to some big plans made earlier in the year.  The first big goal reached: sending off my grad school applications.  I’m so relieved to get these packets out the door after obsessing over them for months.  I can’t even imagine the responses I’ll get next spring.  The bright side, though, is that I’m feeling motivated again to seek out free-lancing jobs, as well as working out a few ideas to pitch.

On the fun side, the beginning of September was nerdgasmic.  I saw Rush for the first time when they recently came through Virginia on their Clockwork Angels tour.  It wasn’t exactly the scene from I Love You, Man but it was pretty close.  Three rows below our seats were a group of bros RAWKING OUT!  I did see one guy wearing a t-shirt that actually said, “Slappin’ Da Bass!”  While Kurt didn’t entirely enjoy the concert, my non-so-subliminal messages are taking hold.  I got an email from him while he was at work that read:

OMG, i’m having a Rush breakthrough! i have the song Free Will in my head, and it makes perfect sense, the base line and the melody i mean. that’s scary! i’m incorporating them in my mental hard drive.

(I love my husband!)

That same week, I drove to Durham with my closest friends to attend the Escapist Expo.  Devoted to celebrating all sorts of games (tabletop, video, card and board), the Expo was a gathering of nerds of all stripes.  If you’d be interested in seeing a Dungeons & Dragons-themed burlesque show or dance to a rock band playing the Final Fantasy II theme, then the Expo was the place for you.  (BTW, yes, I am wearing my Rush concert tee.  I am that kind of dork.)

Nicholas Cage, I challenge you to a spaz-out!

So, with that frightening image of psychotic joy, I’ll refrain from telling you any of the stories we came away with that weekend, lest I start frothing at the mouth.  Besides, it would probably come out ohmigodyahtzeecatearsflashgordondancedmypantsoffdystopianrascistEXPOOOOOOOOOO!  And that just sounds silly, doesn’t it?  Judge not, lest you have no shameful dorky pleasures yourself.