You Are Such A Girl

I’m not the most feminine girl; I was the tomboy in my family.  I’m not really one for clothes or make-up.  But, I do really love jewelry and my vice occasionally finds me falling into the “You Are Such A Girl” trap.  Case in point:

Eat your heart out, Ariadne

When the Renaissance Faire was in town last month, I stumbled upon Circle Works, an artisan with these beautiful hair pins.  The bronze pieces were laid out and gleaming with temptation in the hot summer sun.  I was just browsing when the lady artist said, “One of these pins will hold all that hair you’ve got under that hat.”

Now, I have thick, bushy hair that I’ve painstakingly grown out over the last five years.  (The ends are just finally past my shoulders.)  I’m constantly snapping hair bands or buying clips that promise to hold everything and never do.  So, I took her up on her promise.  She picked up one of the pins off of the table, pulled my hair through her hands and voila!

So Neat! So Pretty!

All of those curls, tucked away off my neck and kept in place with one pin!  Seriously, I could head-bang to a couple of songs in my car & my hair would still be in the same place.  I LOVE this pin!  It’s pretty much all I use now in my hair.

So, if you are like me and have hair that would give Rebekah Brooks some competition, I would suggest you make your way over to Circle Works & pick out something nice for yourself.  You will not regret it.  And guys, if you feel left out, she’ll be happy to tell you about the first man she sold a chignon pin to.