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My review for Pulphead finally ran a few weeks ago, so I’ve updated the “Current Work” page.  Looks like FLS isn’t putting the book reviews online anymore (at least from what I can tell) so the link will take you to a .pdf.  The page will look a little ragged because I don’t currently have a .pdf program on my computer to edit the thing in.  Also, I just copied the page from my portfolio so it won’t look super-pretty.

Also, I am writing pieces for James River Writers so please check out the site!  Don’t just go for my little tidbits but also to see a vibrant writing community in action.  If you live in the central and southern Virginia area, JRW is a great resource to connect with fellow writers, attend panels held by industry professionals and find classes or seminars to help you hone your craft.  Go, read, connect!

And, in the next few hours, an actual lengthy blog post from me!  Instead of videos I currently love or blabbing about spam bots.  Finishing a piece will do wonders to your free time.