Everyday Story

I’m the technical one in my marriage.  I’m the one who puts together baker’s racks, portable fans, bookcases, blinds, and electronics and so forth.  So, this weekend, when our 7-year-old computer finally gave a last gasp & died, I went out to buy us a new one.

I secretly love to talk to techies because I’m always curious about the hows & whys of an object’s functionality & they are always happy to answer questions.  If I am knowledgeable or interested enough, I can gain a free education in current shiny gadgets if I just listen to a detailed ramble.  Also, they are typically gamers & reconnecting with that latent side of my personality always tickles me.

The guy who helped me pick out my new computer was a perfect example of the ideal techie.  He was an earnest, soft-spoken guy with the Rebel Alliance phoenix emblem tattooed in red on the inside of his forearm.  He weighed what I told him about my old system with what I was looking for & took me to two displays without hesitation.  He ran down the specs & paused while I looked at the two price tags, trying to decide.  Should I go with the smaller, cheaper one which would get the everyday work of a freelance writer done?  Or should I go with the larger, slightly more expensive one which would have more oomph & always be available for. . . non-work needs.

“Don’t like the price?” Techie Guy said.

“No, no, the price is fine.  I used to do a lot of PC gaming, not so much now, & I’m just trying to figure out what I need.”

“What did you used to play?”  Techie Guy spoke so calmly I nearly missed the question.

“Diablo 2.”

Without a pause, he asked, “Are you looking forward to Diablo 3?”

I laughed & admitted that my gaming days had fallen by the wayside once I had gotten married.  He came back with, “Gaming can be a bonding experience” in a voice that sounded like he had offered that defense to someone else in a disagreement.  I wanted to grab his tattooed arm & hold it up, shouting, “One of us!  One of us!”

Instead, I bought the larger computer & when my husband came home, spent a good 10 minutes chattering about all its bells & whistles.  My husband looked at me, waited for me to run out of breath & said, “You missed your calling, honey.  Why aren’t you working in IT?”